Espresso Martini Liquid Fudge

Espresso Martini Liquid Fudge


What could be better than this! Our phenomenal Espresso Martini Liquid Fudge Sauce. A rich and indulgent sauce, made with a shot of Espresso Coffee, Quality Vodka and a little kick of Chilli! 

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Espresso Martini Liquid Fudge

Enjoy our unique, smooth and boozy new Espresso Martini Liquid Fudge, made with fresh double cream, rich dark Chocolate, quality Vodka and Chilli for a taste experience like no other. 

There are so many ways this sauce can be used. It can be dunked into, poured over or spread onto almost anything.Try spooning it warm over Vanilla Ice cream, drizzle over a warm brownie or waffle, or warm through in a fondue for dipping!  You can even add to porridge, hot chocolate or eat it straight from the jar on a spoon !

Additional Info

  • SHELF LIFE: Keep sealed and out of sunlight: If unopened, jars last around a year and once opened, simply pop into the fridge and use within 8 weeks. To loosen sauce simply heat for a few seconds and stir.
  • Allergens: MILK.