Q.Any suggestions how to use use my fudge other than just eat it?

Melt Fudgedit Fudge over ice cream, freeze and cube it for party snacking, dice it and sprinkle it over desserts, melt and spread thin layers over sections of birthday cake, dribble melted chocolate fudge over cookies or biscotti. Use our homemade fudge for your homemade desserts.


Q. Does Fudgedit fudge contain nuts?

A.The following fudges contain nuts;

  • Amaretto & Almond Crunch 

  • Flutter Nutter Chocolate swirl

Other flavours of fudge may contain traces of nuts. Whilst nut fudges are kept seperately, all fudges are prepared in the same kitchen.

q. is fydgedit fudge gluten free?

A. Most of our fudge is gluten free, with exception of:

  • Amaretto & Almond Crunch
  • Black and White Biscuit Crunch

Please bearing mind however, whilst fudges containing gluten are kept separately, all fudges are prepared in the same kitchen.


Q. Is fudgedit fudge vegetarian.

A. Yes all our current flavours are suitable for Vegetarians.


Q. is fudgedit fudge suitable for vegans

A. Currently all our Fudge does contain dairy, however we will be launching a Vegan option soon.


Q.How should I store my fudge?

A. The fudge should be kept at room temperature and stored in an air tight container once opened. If you like your fudge firmer then please do refrigerate. Your Fudge can also be frozen unto 1 year.

Q.Where do we source our ingredients?

We only use the highest quality ingredients in our confectionery and local sourcing and reduction of food miles are of paramount importance to us so we use local suppliers where possible.

For example our Clotted Cream comes from Coombe Castle Dairy, and our slat from the Cornish Sea Salt Company

Q.How are my purchases shipped?

A.We use Royal Mail Parcel Force. on a 


Q.Can I send a Message along with my purchase?

A.Yes of course! Just write a greeting in the proper space on the order form at checkout. We will copy it onto our standard "To-From" card included with each shipment.

Q.Can i order for special occasions?

A. Yes you can order for weddings, birthdays, parties, baby showers, for all occasions by emailing us at office@fudgedit.comor via telephone on 07525775015

Q.What happens if the flavour I have ordered sells out?

A. We update our website as Fudgedit Fudges sell out in our shop. On the rare occasion when we sell out of the Fudge before being able to remove it from our website we will substitute it for another flavour. Keeping it inline with what you ordered.

Q.what happens if I enter the wrong details when ordering fudge?

A.We strongly advise that you check your details (name and address) before confirming your order as once an order is confirmed mistakes cannot be rectified and refunds or replacement boxes of fudge will not be given.

christmas questions..

Q...when is the best time to order for chrsitmas?

A.we recommend in the first 2 weeks of Christmas. I can hand deliver orders if within 3 miles of southam.

Q...how long will fudgedit fudge last

A.If you keep it in the fridge, The Fudgedit Kitchens Fudge will stay fresh for 3-4 weeks 

Q. Can I send a christmas greeting along with my order?

A. Yes of course! Just write a christmas greeting in the proper space on the order form at checkout. We will copy it onto our standard "To-From" card included with each shipment.


Q. When will my order be shipped?

A.All orders will be shipped the next working day