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Welcome to the Fudgedit Kitchen, our brand new Fudge Shop. With a range of exciting flavours to choose from that you simply won't find anywhere else. We only use the the most simple or unusual ingredients to create an array of pure and natural flavours with stunning tastes and colours to behold. 

Our fudges flavours include our best selling Salted Caramel Fudge with Pecan Nuts and our special Gin Recipe. We carefully blend over a dozen freshly squeezed and grated limes, reduced down to create the most creamy, smooth and irresistible Gin and Zesty Lime Fudge.  

LUXURY fudge - shop here

Our luxury fudge is made with love and passion, with a mission to make the most amazing fudge in the world.  A mouthful of fudge heaven is awaiting here.                                                                          


dELICiOUS Fudge -shop here

Delicious, silky and  smooth, packed with carefully selected ingredients which are our fudge stand out from the crowd. We only make what we believe is  the most delicious flavoured fudge.

Homemade Fudge - shop here

We love playing with exciting and creative flavours, pushing the boundaries and giving you new sensational taste sensations.  All our fudge is made in our small Warwickshire Kitchen daily.

Why Choose The Fudgedit Kitchen ?

As we are still a very smalll and new independent brand, we like to do things a little bit different. We take the greatest care and love making our Fudge to make sure you have the tastiest Fudge experience ever! We have a mission to make the best tasting fudge in the world, and have an ethos we are proud of.

Our homemade fudge is lovingly made in small batches in our Warwickshire kitchen, which is then hand wrapped, packaged and delivered straight to your door.

We also be a bit creative with our flavours, and this is what sets us apart, offering you fudge that is that little bit special and totally unique.  We have a flavour of the month and will be offering festive fudge such as Christmas Fudge, and white chocolate fudge with spiced eggnog. 

Why not  browse our luxury Fudge shop to see some of our delicious fudgey delights and gift fudge boxes, including our Chocolate Indulgence Gift Box or our Luxury Boozy Fudge Gift Box

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What makes our fudge special

Our fudge is only ever made using the finest of ingredient making our fudge silky smooth, indulgent, creamy and luxurious. All our fudge recipes are made with a touch of real Cornish Clotted cream and then infused with chunks of exciting and creative ingredients.

We never use ANY artificial colours and flavours in our fudge and offer a large selection of Gluten Free Fudge. Choose from boxes of fudge containing three or five slices, beautifully packaged making the ideal gift for any occasion. 

Our premium fudges are not only a mouthful of luxury, we are passionate about making sure you have great fudge experience. Our fudge is lovingly hand made and wrapped and will arrive in a beautiful presentation box or bag. The perfect gift.

We are continually creating new and exciting fudge flavours for you to try,  so don't forget to sign up to hear when they are released along with our fudge Recipes in our exciting new foodie blog.

customer reviews

**Two of the many outstanding reviews of our fudge! Check out our Facebook page for many more**

Now, I am not ordinarily a lover of fudge, but everything Fudgedit Kitchen creates is honestly scrumptious! Amazing selection of flavours you just won’t find anywhere else. Cant recommend this gorgeous little company more highly.

Highly recommended, excellent customer service and the fudge is amazing. The only down side is you will become addicted to it 😉 Oh well let’s place another order.”

”Fantastic fudge - fully recommend it - just tried the Gin and Zesty Lime and it’s absolutely gorgeous !!!”
— facebook